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Total Protection

Onsite Backup


Multi-site Offline Backup

With the increase of ransomware attacks, like the Wannacry ransomware that hit serveral years ago, we provide an actively monitored backup system to mitigate against evolving IT risks that are now emerging. With the hack utilities created by the NSA being leaked onto the internet, and then subsequently weaponized into ransomware, the current risk to company data is considerably higher than it was only a few years ago.  Without a proper backup system in place, any business could experience total and permanent data loss. These types of threats are not statistically improbable theoretical concepts. To date, we have seen multiple instances of these types of attacks first hand in the businesses we support. 
Our secure backup service, we provide a robust “end-of-the-line” defense strategy to protect your business data from multiple threats. This actively monitored backup service can mitigate against the following risks to your company’s data:

  • Ransomware and virus attacks

  • Massive onsite system failure

  • Malicious data deletion/sabotage by employees

  • Fire and theft

  • Employee errors when performing backup duties

  • Inaccessible backup database errors

The system comprises a total of 14 individual sets of your business data located at 3 different physical locations, with 9 of the sets being placed in cold storage that is offline. All copies of your backed up business data that are not located at your location are secured with strong 512-bit encryption to protect against unauthorized access. Your data is backed up to the offsite locations and copied to the offline backup every 24 hours to limit your exposure in the event of ransomware, virus attack, or other threats. All offsite copies of your data are in our physical possession and are at no time located on any third party servers. Your data does not cross any international boundaries during the offsite transfer process and is encrypted during transit.
One of the most important aspects to this system is the fact that it is being actively monitoring and tested. Daily checks that the data structure of the backup is complete, that new data is being written to the offsite backup locations, and that the data is archived onto the offline drives are all performed. Finally, we actively perform a test recovery on a randomized data set to ensure that everything is working in the event that disaster recovery is required.
A further benefit of the backup system is that it allows data to be recovered that may have been deleted sometime in the past. For example, we have recovered files for our clients that were accidentally (or maliciously) deleted years previous. Data recovery of information is effectively possible in perpetuity from the day the backup system is implemented.
Given the extreme importance of protecting your company data against emerging and evolving threats, we want to make the secure backup service as accessible as possible. For one set monthly fee, it includes maintaining the backup hardware and software on your server that you would normally be paying out of pocket for, as well as all offsite operations. As with all our services, there are no contractual requirements that lock you in to a minimum time period obligation.  As the resources needed per client vary, please contact us for an evaluation or your requirements and we will be able to provide you with a quote. 

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